Petrochemical installations cover a wide range of applications with an enormous variety of operating conditions. Next to safety and cost reduction, operating reliability is of the utmost importance. For hazardous and aggressive fluids to be transported safely, our valves meet the highest quality standards.

One of the major challenges currently facing the valve manufacturing industry is controlling fugitive emissions to safeguard operating personnel and protect the environment. Thanks to the fact that Key Valve Technologies has taken the lead in product and process improvements, we are able to stay ahead of the ever-increasing demand for uptime and reliability.

Continuous product development and a focus on specific chemical applications have created a range of products that are approved by major petrochemical companies for use in critical installations such as crackers, furnaces, and plants for LDPE, hydrogen and ethylene.

KVT’s products contribute to safety, reliability and progress in the petrochemical industries. Our high-pressure valves are used by plant engineering contractors across the globe and in all areas of the petrochemical industries our installed base continues to grow.

An overview of the range of valves we supply for high pressure applications in the petrochemical industries can be found in the products section of this website.