Disc Spring Pack Loaded PSGV

The unique KVT Spring Pack Loaded (SPL) trim includes a sliding disc assembly. The absence of a wedging effect significantly reduces the contact stresses on the seating mechanism. Thanks to the SPL trim absorbing the inevitable and irregular thermal expansion of the valve body, SPL parallel slide gate valves are never subjected to thermal binding in high temperature or high pressure services.

To avoid wear of the valve seats, discs and seats are hardfaced with respectively Stellite #12 and Stellite #6. The resulting hardness difference prevents galling and its built-up effect on sliding metal surfaces, thus resulting in long life cycles.

The SPL centralized Inconel cone springs uniformly distribute the load onto both seats and compensate for seat wear and irregular expansion of seats. The precision guiding system in the disc trim and the stem connection minimize vibration due to flow turbulence, allowing KVT’s SPL parallel slide gate valves to be made less vulnerable for damages in partly open throttling positions or specific flow conditions.